Be Prepared…

This is not your typical blog site. While most blogs stick with one subject matter, I, on the other hand, and am not a one subject kind of guy. From combat sports to Godzilla, life lessons to venting posts, and everything in between. So reader, as the title suggests, be prepared…

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Me Inside

“If there is no randomness in the universe, then what do we mean by chaos?”

– Rupert Sheldrake

I’ve always believed the secret to a good life relies on these simple aspects: Remembering to stay humble, treating all others with absolute kindness, and learning something new everyday. Whether it be about a different culture, the hidden political agenda of a well known movie, or even the number of home runs hit in Babe Ruth’s career. What do those things have in common? Nothing… absolutely nothing, but that’s the point. Gathering vast amounts of random knowledge is good for the brain; it’s a sign of wisdom, as it shows one’s ability to take the time to listen and grasp whatever the information may be. Of course, there are always ones who try and spew false information, but this page is dedicated to the truth of randomness and the idea sharing knowledge for others to enjoy. This page also serves as a place to post my free writing projects for all to enjoy.